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The Drysdale Football Club is excited to announce that there will be plenty of new faces making their debut in the brown and gold within our Senior Men’s program this season!

Cam Delaney - Grovedale

Tim Delaney - Grovedale

Flynn Chirgwin - St Mary’s / Geelong Falcons

Andrew Crosbie - Newtown Chilwell

Kyle Davis - Birregurra

Logan Hockley - Leopold

Nick Aringo - Lexton

Ethan Scott - Lara

Chris Tainton - U18s

Jye Hawkins - U18s

Declan Foley - U18s

Ricky Reid - U18s

Mitch Blair - U18s

Luke Chapman - U18s

Jackson Payne - U18s

Shaye Eastwood - U18s

Jem Kalbitzer - Returning

It’s going to be an exciting year down at the Hawks nest!


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