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The Drysdale Senior Women’s Football Team is proud to announce its groundbreaking approach to leadership, with an all-female coaching and support staff. This innovative decision not only exemplifies the club's commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity but also highlights the immense benefits of having female coaches in sports.

Co-Coaches Sarah Chapman and Prue Davies share an extensive playing and coaching history, and complement each other effortlessly with a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment to the Drysdale Football Club.

Sarah Chapman commenced her playing career in 2008 at St Kilda Sharks, where she ascended to the role of vice-captain in 2010, subsequently assuming the captaincy from 2011 to 2016. Sarah transitioned to Williamstown Football Club in 2018, where she was honoured as the inaugural captain, accumulating nearly 150 games at an elite level.

A pause in 2019 allowed for a strategic focus for Sarah and her family as she embarked on relocation to the coastal landscape of the Bellarine Peninsula. Following her relocation, Sarah engaged with the Drysdale Football Club, albeit disrupted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah has been eager to rekindle her involvement in the Drysdale club and community setting with the 2024 season ahead. Sarah states, “I look forward to co-coaching and contributing to the success of the Drysdale Football Club in this exciting new chapter.”

Prue Davies has been a pivotal figure in Women's football both on and off the field. She began her journey as a player, commencing with North Cairns Tigers, where her natural talent and fierce dedication quickly made her a standout on the field. Her passion for the game and her unwavering commitment to her team earned her a spot with Bermagui, where she continued to excel and coach the first ever Women's Bermagui Breakers Football Team. 

Throughout her playing career, Prue accumulated nearly 100 games, showcasing her exceptional skills and leadership abilities. Her ability to inspire and motivate her teammates made her a natural choice for coaching roles. Prue transitioned into coaching with the same determination and passion that characterised her playing career at the Drysdale Football Club, where she served as a coach for the junior girl’s teams for four years, leaving a lasting impact on the young players she mentored.

In 2020, Prue faced an unprecedented challenge as Covid-19 hit, disrupting sports and daily life worldwide. Despite the obstacles, Prue rose to the occasion, dedicating herself to guiding her team through the uncertainty and maintaining a sense of unity and purpose. Prue Captained the Drysdale Women’s football team for four years during 2018 – 2021.

As a player, coach, and role model, Prue has exemplified the values of teamwork, dedication, and resilience. Her contributions to Drysdale Football Club have been instrumental in shaping the club's identity and fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity.

As the team gears up for the upcoming season, they recognise the undeniable advantages of having female coaches who provide unique insights, perspectives, and mentorship. This diverse leadership fosters a more inclusive and supportive team environment for women and young people who have a love for football, ultimately leading to improved performance on and off the field.

2023 Team Captain for Drysdale Women's Football Team, Elie Montgomery shares her excitement about the season ahead, “Having an all-female coaching and support team including the women’s coordinator and trainers has been incredibly empowering for all of us. It's not just about the game; it's about role modelling, and creating a safe and inclusive space where we can all thrive.”

Jessica Case is a celebrated figure within the Drysdale Football Club, renowned for her dedication and remarkable contributions across multiple roles within the club. Having been actively involved for eight years, Jessica has become an integral part of the club's fabric, leaving an indelible mark with her tireless efforts.

Jessica began her journey as a player for the club, showcasing her strength and talent as a player with untiring commitment for seven years. Even during times of injury, she continued to serve the club as a runner, symbolising her commitment to the team's success.

Jessica's contributions extend beyond the field. For the past five years, she has taken on the crucial role of Women's Coordinator and Social Coordinator, passionately advocating for women's participation and advancement within the sport, and ensuring that the clubs social events are engaging and memorable for all members.

In recognition of her leadership and dedication, Jessica was elected as the First Female Vice President of the Drysdale Football Club in 2024, after serving on the main committee for five years. In this capacity, she has overseen various initiatives and has played a key role in shaping the club's vision and direction.

Jessica Case's continuing commitment to Drysdale Football Club, combined with her exceptional leadership skills, has made her a beloved and respected figure within the community. Her contributions have helped foster a strong sense of camaraderie, inclusivity, and success within the club, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Women's Football Coordinator at Drysdale Football Club, Rhyll Montgomery states “I am proud to lead an all-female team of coaches and trainers who collectively work tirelessly to ensure the strength and growth of women's football at our club.  Our all-female leadership team has been instrumental in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where our players can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Our coaches and trainers bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, guiding our players with care and dedication. Our Vice President, Jessica Case plays a key role in shaping the strategic direction of our women's football program, ensuring that it aligns with our club's values and goals.

As we continue to build on our successes, I am confident that our all-female leadership team will play a crucial role in driving further growth and success in women's football at Drysdale Football Club. Together, we are committed to creating a positive and empowering environment where our female athletes can flourish both on and off the field”.

The Drysdale Football Club Senior Women's team is setting a new standard for local community sports, and they invite other clubs to embrace this progressive approach to leadership. By supporting diversity and inclusivity, Drysdale is not only winning games but also embracing and celebrating Women’s grassroots football.


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