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Life Members

   To be perceived throughout the wider football community as a welcoming, inclusive and successful junior football club which provides the opportunity for young players to develop in a safe, caring and enjoyable environment.

A.L. Dean


P.R. Peel

J. McKiernan

E.E. Davis

I.J. Bjork

A.A.C. Bennett

R.F. Mannix

L.G. Taylor

R.G. Wisbey

G.L. Nash

A.D. Taylor

R.H. Finley

B.C. Bennett

F.M. Edsall

R.G. Kelly

A.E. Mannix

E.J. McKenzie

W.H. Whitehouse

D.W. Humphrey

T. Bartlett

R.T. Bennett

R. Rogulskyj

E.J. Boyle

D.T. Connor

L.A. O’Neill

C.J. Capon

K.J Steen

M.J. Wilson

L.M. Nash

M.L. Rodgers

D.G. Jones

G.G. Scott

D.P. McKeon

M.A. Anson

H.J. Mannix

P.M. Davis

L.J. Taylor

G.D. Taylor

M.C. Trewhella

J.A. Edsall

B.A. Serle

K.G. Davis

C.J. Mortimer

R.W. Deeath

R.C. Taylor

D.B. King

D.M. Wilson

P.E. Mannix

D.A. Mortimer


J.T. Foot

J. Stewart

G. Browney

M.J. Muller

B.J. Van Lith


G. Kingsbury

P. Preece

R. Cooper

L. Scott

S.W. Timmins

P.J. Taylor

P.G. Holwell

K.W. Brown

G.V. Holt

R.B. Butcher


A. Bliss

G.W. Foot

G.J. Humphrey

C. Taylor

B.J. Collins

G. Reyment

D. Walder


S. McKeegan

G. Rodgers

B. Wilson

C. Dunne

S. Craven

D. Barmby

G. McKinley

D. Serle

K. Craven

J. Inglis

C. Skeen

N. Dunne

P. Simons

P. Terry

T. Hume

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