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As you may have seen recently the Big Freeze Geelong “ Slide” is on the move. Following the release of the BFNL draw in November 2023 discussions between Drysdale Football and Netball Club and Big Freeze Geelong commenced regarding logistics of the 2024 event. It was and is the wish of Big Freeze Geelong to have the “Slide” on a standalone fixture, considered the major reason for the outstanding growth of the event in 2023. Big Freeze Geelong proposed to go back to AFL Barwon to request a Sunday game however after much discussion and debate and a standing offer from Big Freeze Geelong to provide additional support and manpower we, the committee were concerned we could not appropriately resource the expected growth of this year’s event as a stand alone game and feared instead we would push our fantastic volunteers to the brink or over. Drysdale Football club outlined it wanted to work within the existing fixture, however, and understandably once this was communicated to Big Freeze Geelong they expressed they would pursue alternative options to allow them to hold the event as a stand alone fixture to cater for the ongoing and outstanding growth of the event.

As many would know, the Big Freeze Geelong team have a very strong affiliation with Drysdale this was not a decision the Club or Big Freeze Geelong took lightly. Drysdale Football and Netball Clubs remains committed to fight “The Beast” and we are working with Big Freeze Geelong to look at ways we can continue to assist the cause and find a cure for MND (Motor Neuron Disease).


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