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What happened in the huddle in the Senior Finals, Under 14's Prelim Final and around the grounds for our competitive Hawks? Read on for the final scores, coach comments and more;


Reserves vs Ocean Grove

FINAL SCORES Drysdale 7.9.51 defeated Ocean Grove 5.8.38
Best on PlayHQ: Joel Watson, Nick Moriarty, Tom Randone, Peter Kilpatrick, Quinn Taylor.
Goal Kickers - Rhys Humpage 2, Toby Wiffen, Nick Moriarty, Darcy Mullen, Aaron McKinnis & Quinn Taylor

After a barnstorming 1st quarter, with Drysdale kicking out to a 3 goal lead, Ocean Grove started to claw their way back into the contest over the 2nd and 3rd quarters, Drysdale up by 4 pts. Trevor Hume and the coaches rearranged a few things at the final break, and gave the boys the licence to get out there, take some risks and win the game and that they did! Some excellent work in the midfield, and then some dour defending saw the boys kick 2 goals to Ocean Groves 1, and off to the semi final against Torquay next week!

Saturday 20th of August - Torquay vs Drysdale - 11.45AM - Portarlington Recreation Reserve

Seniors vs Barwon Heads

FINAL SCORES Drysdale 14.12.96 were defeated by Barwon Heads 17.8.110
Best on PlayHQ: Tom Ruggles, Ben Ryan, Flinn Chisholm, James Breust, Matthew Pigott, Jack Jenkins.
Goal Kickers - Mat Hebbard & Tom Ruggles 3,Jarrod Garth & Ben Fennell 2, Matt Gunn, James Breust, Billy Beardsell & Bailey Sykes 1

The weather took a turn once the seniors got started. It was much wetter conditions than the previous game, but our Senior team was ready for anything. It was a see-saw battle all day long, Drysdale would kick a couple of goals in a row, then Barwon Heads would get a few. We lost a couple of players early, with Mitch Scott suffering a suspected achilles tendon rupture, and Josh Rushton out with concussion after a huge clash with Nathan Brown. Barwon Heads were out to a 14pt lead at the main break, so a reset was needed and a 5 goal to 4 3rd quarter had us within 8 points at 3/4 Time. The first 2 goals of the last went to Drysdale as well, hitting the front with about 10 mins to go, unfortunately, Barwon Heads were about to turn the tide, kicking the last 3 to finish off the day.

The hardwork over the season see's us claim a 2nd chance, with an elimination final meeting with Modewarre to come. It will be a big week on the track to get the boys back up and about, who will be raring to continue on into the finals.

From the Coach!

"I thought the boys were pretty good, they handled the pressure pretty well … we’ve got a lot to work on, but still pretty happy," he said.
“I think just early we got probably beaten in our game on that outside run and they (Barwon Heads) sort of showed us up in that area. “They’ve got strong bodied midfielders as well who probably won it in the contest and got it to the outside, so we’ve got a lot to work on from that and get back to our brand.” Tom Ruggles - Geelong Advertiser

Sunday 21st of August - Drysdale vs Modewarre - 2PM - Portarlington Recreation Reserve

Best of luck to our players this week, with the Les Ash & Don Cole medals to be awarded on Wednesday night at Buckley's. There have been some outstanding efforts across the year, so looking forward to seeing plenty of votes for the Hawks!

Under 14's Div 3 Drysdale vs Geelong Ammos

FINAL SCORES Drysdale 2.7.19 defeated Geelong Ammos 2.5.17
Best on PlayHQ: Keegan Johnson, Max Reid, Will Fox Sutherland, Callan Atkinson, Liam Tainton, Nate Binion

1st quarter was a tough one, Ammos with a wind advantage and the Hawks down by almost 2 goals. The boys fought hard in the 2nd to be within a goal at half time.

It was a tough, see-saw match with some Ammos players we hadn't seen before. The Coaching team stepped it up, matching key positions after half time. The third term was low scoring, with Drysdale pinching the lead by 1 point at 3 quarter time.
Finals pressure can be a funny thing with some easy running shots on goal falling fowl. The boys needed to just play there game. They went the ball and held strong for the final term to secure a well deserved 2 point win.
GRAND FINAL vs Anglesea next Sunday TBC

Under 18's Div 3 Drysdale vs St Joseph's

FINAL SCORES Drysdale 9.11.65 were defeated by St Joseph's 12.8.80
Best on PlayHQ: Jye Hawkins, Ricky Reid, Luke Chapman, Seth Binion, Angus Parnell, Sebastian Rizzo
Today's award was travelling out to Lara for an early start against a team that will play finals and have beaten us in our previous game. As per our last game St Joseph's managed to kick the first 3 goals of the game, putting us on the back foot. Joey's seemed to be more desperate and moved the ball well.
The second quarter was again hard going and we found it difficult to make in-roads and the margin at the main break had got out to 4 goals. The 3rd quarter we got back into the game but some inaccurate kicking and rushed shots on goal saw us trailing by 4 points at the final change.
Heading into the last quarter with some momentum, we were unable to get the start we needed with Joey's kicking the first 2 goals. Unfortunately the slow start to the 1st quarter resulted in us going down by less than a 3 goal margin.
We now have 2 weeks to re group and get ready for our first final. Damo


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