Youth Football

U17 & U19 (COLTS)   

Youth Teams

At Drysdale we are focussed on developing young footballers to become the best that they can be, both on the field and off the field.  We therefore understand that as these players mature into young adults their needs no longer align to those of Juniors, and so we manage them within a separate division of the club called Youth Football.

Youth Football Resources

  Below are some Youth Football resources you may find helpful. If you require further information please contact 
Ben Reyment 0401 805 260

Youth Training Schedule

U19  & U17 Boys 
Monday 6.00 pm
Mortimer Oval
Thursday 6.00pm 
Stockdale & Leggo Oval.
U18 Girls (Peninsula Sharks)
Wednesday 6.00 pm
Mortimer Oval 
Thursday 6.00pm
Stockdale & Leggo Oval

Youth Football Contacts