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Course Outline

Level 1 Sports Trainer course is designed to introduce participants to the basic knowledge and skills required by a Sports Trainer. These skills include the management of specific sporting injuries, sports taping and transporting an injured athlete. This course educates prospective Sports Trainers, teachers, coaches, administrators and parents on the basic principles of sports medicine. This is the standard requirement to perform the duties of a Sports Trainer in most major Australian sporting codes. The course covers the following units:

  • Sports Trainer in Action

  • Basic Musculoskeletal Anatomy

  • Preventing Sports Injuries

  • Nutrition and Hydration in Sport

  • Drugs in Sport

  • Management of the Injured Athlete

  • Common Medical Conditions

  • Concussion

  • Sports Taping (ankle, thumb and finger)

  • Transporting the Injured Athlete

  • Common Sporting Illness and Injuries


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