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On 28 March of 2010 Luke Robinson was only 19 years old when he lost control of a car on Anakie Road, Lovely Banks. Luke's three passengers survived the crash, one was seriously injured and the others had minor injuries.

The Robinson family, members of the tight-knit Bannockburn community, will speak at the Drysdale Football Club of the pain of losing 19-year-old Luke, who died in the road accident in the hope it will discourage young drivers from speeding. Luke was just a normal young man, at the start of his driving life, who never imagined this could happen to him.

The event at the Drysdale Football Club on Thursday 13 July, will coincide with the TAC band together round on 22-23 July.

TAC’s Head of Road Safety Samantha Cockfield: “Too many people have died on our roads this year, and we know that distracted driving is a key and prevalent issue among young to middle-aged drivers, thousands of whom spend many hours at local sporting clubs every week.

Victoria’s football and netball clubs are often at the heart of their communities and prioritising road safety within local clubs could be the reason someone gets home safely, instead of a tragic alternative.”

“The Robinson family have bravely agreed to share their story to encourage drivers to slow down. They want drivers, particularly young drivers, to be aware of the ripple effect caused by every death on our roads”, says Drysdale Football Club President and local GP, David Walder.

The Robinson family are no strangers to sharing their personal story having participated in the TAC’s 2010 road safety campaign.


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