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As most of you will have seen the serious public health issue of the Coronavirus has led to a delay in the start of the 2020 BFL season. This is extremely disappointing to everyone involved, considering the immense amount of hard work that has been done at all levels in the club, and the excitement that was to be season 2020. The huge amount of work done by our senior men’s group, led by Luke Matthews, Daniel Jull & Trevor Hum, across both recruiting and then a massive preseason has been fantastic. Likewise Stuart Craven has built a powerful list for our LadyHawks, by firstly keeping last years list intact, and then adding some real quality, we were really looking forward to challenging the league powerhouses.

The club is facing many challenges with the current situation. A strong financial result in 2019 will help with the current crisis, but there are many unresolved issues for the committee to deal with, and we ask for your patience while we work through the problems. AFL Barwon has issued a statement on memberships asking for people to wait on the developments during this crisis before a recommendation on memberships already paid can be resolved. The club has contacted all of our wonderful sponsors to establish how they would like to deal with their contribution to our fantastic club. The Drysdale Football Club asks that everyone involved makes a huge effort to support our wonderful sponsors, mostly local small businesses, as they are the beating heart of our communities and are sure to be struggling in the current climate. Everyone at the Drysdale Football Club needs to be vigilant around the health crisis as it evolves and changes quickly, and look out for each other as we deal with this difficult situation. Hopefully the crisis passes and we can get back to supporting our Hawks at all levels later in 2020.

Please contact the club if you have any issues related to our current situation, but most importantly stay safe in 2020.

Dr David Walder



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