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Last year we were awarded $7,500 for our participation in the TAC Club Rewards Program, this year we are aiming for $10,000.

We can't do it without you! We need your help!

We must meet five criteria items one of which is the TAC Club Rewards 2023 Road Safety Survey.

Now live and able to be shared with you, our members, supporters, friends and family. The more the merrier.

Not only do your efforts count towards our Club Rewards application, but there are also 5 x $1,000 Sherrin vouchers up for grabs. Take the survey today.

Note: This activity is completely confidential and will help TAC understand more about perceptions, behaviour, and challenges across Victoria. The survey is open between 17 May and 2 July and will take around 10 minutes, with a short follow-up survey 2 weeks after completion.

The DFC Committee would like to thank all our members, supporters and friends who completed survey's, shared social media posts and wore arm bands for the TAC round last year. Our Club was rewarded with $7,500. The funds will be used to purchase indigenous jumpers for our Senior women and to facilitate Mindful Aus Mental Health and Wellbeing to hold educational sessions later this year with 150 juniors and 70 senior players along with coaches and team managers.


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