AFL Barwon Restructure – POSTPONED

Following a meeting on July 11th AFL Barwon have postponed the proposed restructure.  This was largely due to the GDFL not having come under the administrative control of AFL Barwon, making promotion and relegation difficult.  The restructure will be reconsidered for implementation in the next few years.


There has been some media coverage in recent weeks on the impending restructure of our local football competitions, including discussion on teams that are fighting to avoid relegation.  Our club has been mentioned given our senior side are sitting in 8th place in the BFL and without a few more wins risk being in the bottom two to be relegated to the GDFL.

Whilst every endeavour is being made by our coaching staff and senior players to win the vital few games needed to stay clearly out of the relegation zone, we are encouraged by recent comments from AFL Barwon that ladder position alone is not grounds for relegation.

In a recent interview with KRock Football,  AFL Barwon CEO Lee Hartman admitted a finish in the bottom-two of the GFL and BFL may not necessarily mean automatic relegation, which means a club higher up the ladder may face the drop.  “The criteria document does play a part, but the Commission do reserve the right to look at the criteria document if there are clubs that say finished ninth or 10th in the GFL that did not tick all the boxes,” he said.  “The commission does have that call at the end of the day.” “The first criteria is finishing bottom two this year and either first or bottom in the future years, and then the criteria comes into it. “That’s the first box that’s ticked and then the criteria’s looked at, so if you finish 11 or 12, they’re the first two clubs that will be looked at.”

The criteria referred to in the article are substantial and include things like the need to field sides in each competitive under age competition, a demonstrated sound volunteer base, a connection to the community, a netball club fielding all sides and sound governance with a strategic plan in place.  We believe we meet all of the required criteria to play in the BFL.

Whilst our aim is still to have a strong second half of the season on-field and to win enough games to put relegation off the agenda, it is of some comfort to know that all of the work we have done off field over many years should stand us in good stead to retain our place in the BFL.