Junior Teams/Squads

Teams and Squads at April 2016

The Drysdale Football Club values many things, however it is our history and the people who made it that we hold most dear.

One way of honouring our past champions is by naming our junior teams each year after members of our Team of the Century.

Our junior teams for 2016 are:

Drysdale U16  Wilson   (Darren)

Drysdale U16  Scott       (Greg)

Drysdale U14  Taylor   (Chris) 

Drysdale U14  McKeon   (Doug)

Drysdale U14  McIntyre    (James)

Drysdale  U12 Humphrey    (Paul)

Drysdale U12 Taylor     (Alan)

Drysdale  U 10 Taylor     (Les)

Drysdale U 9 Richards    (Graeme)

Drysdale U 9 Whitten    (Randall)

Drysdale Junior Girls   Smith   (Tony)

These are the names officially registered with AFL Barwon for their draw and competition results,